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Crop protection

Eastman Crop Protection offers a varied portfolio of ready-to-use products in specific niche markets within the global fruit & vegetable segment as well as the cereal segment: fungicides, growth regulators and stimulators, seed treatment products and soil fumigants. We are continually expanding our portfolio to new crops and new diseases with global registration support, and investing in the constant improvement of high quality formulations. We operate through a trusted global distributor network and dedicated Eastman direct sales teams. Our Crop Protection Stewardship team provides end users with practical information & documentation on the correct, safe application of our products. Not all products are registered in all regions; contact us for regional availability.


Eastman produces multiple dithiocarbamate fungicides, based on the active ingredients, thiram, ziram, and ferbam, that are used to protect different types of fruit (pome fruit, stone fruit, berries, bananas, citrus etc.) and vegetables against fungal diseases. More ...

Growth regulators and stimulators

Eastman's ready-to-use growth regulators and stimulators can be used for a variety of applications. These applications allow you to modify the plant hormone, reaping more but having less exposed risk, and help protect plants against stress such as frost and heat as well as abiotic stress in high-value row crops. ? More ...

Seed treatment

Plant protection starts from the very beginning: the seed. The valuable seed and the early germs are vulnerable to soilborne diseases. More ...

Soil fumigants

Eastman’s ready-to-use products metam sodium and metam potassium are used primarily in connection with growing high-value fruit and vegetable crops such as carrots, tomatoes, lettuces, melons, strawberries, potatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and green beans. They are also widely used for growing ornamentals and tree nurseries. More ...

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